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How to plan your helicopter purchase

The helicopter is an exceptional means of transport which is very efficient thanks to its flexibility. To get to the Cannes Film Festival by avoiding traffic jams, to land on a small isolated bay, to reach a ski resort in the mountains or to reach an inaccessible destination by plane, this type of aircraft is ideal, to know more : But still, as the helicopter can fly low without problem, it is perfect for exploring new places. Showing prices more accessible than a private jet, having your own helicopter seems to offer only advantages. Now, it will be necessary to know how to plan your helicopter purchase to live this experience in the best conditions. First, you will need to have a helicopter license well before considering buying the aircraft. Indeed, it is sometimes better to buy the same model of helicopter than the one with which you had your license to be sure to control your device. And since this is a first acquisition, you will always be able to change your aircraft when you have had more flying hours, in other words, more experience. Also remember to take out the insurance that corresponds to your type of helicopter. This can significantly affect the annual expenses related to your possession. It will also be necessary to think of the cost of maintenance of your helicopter which can be higher than that of a private jet, according to the chosen model. So how to plan your helicopter purchase? For a first purchase, we must therefore favor the acquisition of a helicopter that you can control, low maintenance cost and easy maintenance.

The helicopter license

One can not think of knowing how to plan a helicopter purchase if one is not able to maneuver correctly this type of aircraft, unless to engage a pilot. Otherwise, you will need to obtain the helicopter license, discover the website: To get your license to fly a helicopter, you will have to pass two exams, namely the theoretical and practical exam. This permit will allow you to travel without limitation of distance and to transport goods or passengers without being remunerated. In other words, this license lets you practice helicopter flying as an aerial hobby. It is possible to obtain it from the age of 17 years. It will then be necessary to have totaled at least 45 hours of flight, of which 10 hours in solo and 3 hours of navigation in solo. It must also be recognized as medically fit by a licensed physician. The theory exam then deals with the courses you will have seen in class including general aviation legislation, helicopter legislation, helicopter aerodynamics, piston engine and turbine, flight instrument use, meteorology and operational procedures. This form of multiple choice. For the practical exam, you will be tested by an examiner approved by the aeronautical authorities who will ask you to prove your knowledge of helicopter flying. To see if you will be comfortable on the handle of a helicopter, you can do an initiation flight. It is during this moment that the monitor will qualify you or not to go further. If buying a helicopter is a project that is important to you, it’s best to get your license to make a more relevant acquisition.

Helicopter maintenance

The maintenance of a helicopter is essential for the safety of the pilot and his passengers. To ensure quality maintenance, it is better to choose experienced professionals known in this field. To do this, it will be necessary to consult the skills of a professional on the internet and see the ratings of its customers. In general, a professional worthy of the name surrounds the know-how of a highly qualified team in this field. For each destination, leave your device with a recognized professional in the area because the maintenance of a helicopter is not limited to the various revisions that the aircraft has received at its starting point. The latter can then take stock of the state of your aircraft before your next takeoff, take care of refueling, cleaning and small interviews necessary. The cost of maintenance will depend on the type of helicopter and its condition. You can consult the tariff of the maintenance by making a request for estimate on the site of the provider before any intervention.

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